True Vision of Peace Volunteers Code of Conduct Agreement

I, (insert full name), the undersigned, do hereby read, understand and agree that in my actions as a Voluntary Representative of True Vision of Peace, I will gladly and humbly conduct myself to the best of my ability as follows:

Treat all people with respect, civility, decency and endeavour to express my self clearly in a calm, concise, well-thought, deliberate manner.

Be mindful, considerate and compassionate toward people of all belief systems and emotional states of being, and not sacrifice my self-respect and inner peace by being critical of others inappropriately, or at all adversarial.

I accept that no one has a right to assert their will-power over others to the detriment of the other, so I will do not attempt to do so. Leaders do benefit by supportive Volunteers, so I agree not to undermine those in positions of responsibility, and patiently make all my suggestions solutions-based through ‘inner channels of communication’, rather than by making critical complaints.

I follow and adhere strictly to the Chain of Command in the hierarchy of the TVoP organisation.

Utilise the processes existing within the True Vision of Peace organisation to ‘voice’ (or put in written form), one’s concerns, observations, suggestions appropriately. Before saying anything about another person to anyone, please ask your self, “Would I want to hear this exact same thing (wrongly or rightly) said about my self?” People’s actions and attitudes are self-evident.

By focusing upon SOLUTIONS, we will achieve our goals through utilising our unique differences and infinite capabilities together (not dealing with endless ‘human nature’ issues, or moot points of intellectual debate).

Cooperation characterises our basic working procedures. Thorough planning enables focused action. Learning to work in harmony together is among our important tasks, so I will be mindful of this in all my interactions with others.

At all times I will conduct myself in an ethical, appropriate, civil, legal manner; maintain confidentiality and privacy with Non-Disclosure, knowing to do otherwise will result in the termination of my participation as a Volunteer with True Vision of Peace.

Likewise, True Vision of Peace agrees to conduct the organisation in a legal, responsible, appropriate, humane, ethical manner; for the betterment and peaceful existence of all life on Earth, which is our shared vision.

True Vision of Peace Volunteer

Full Name: _____________________________

Signed: ________________________________
Date: __________________________________